Susie Essman hosts "LAUGHINGSTOCK!" A hilarious night of stand up comedy


Susie Essman has played the sassy Susie Greene for all 8 seasons of HBO’s critically acclaimed and award-winning Curb Your Enthusiasm, her hilarious bouts of withering sarcasm and uninhibited insults her character’s trademark. She is “the most lyrical purveyor of profanity on television” (LA Times) and “[has] taken female cursing to longshoremen levels” (New York Observer). Now you can see her host a hilarious night of stand up comedians at the 4th Annual Woodstock Comedy Festival!   (

Featuring comics...

Karen Bergreen (

Kendra Cunningham (

Jaye McBride (

Liz Miele (

Katie Hannigan (
*Winner of the 2nd annual WCF “New Faces of Comedy” stand up comedy competition

September 23
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